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About us

Professional sales training

Success from tradition:

VBC (VerkaufsberaterInnencolleg) provides successful, practical sales training and coaching for sales staff.

VBC was founded in 1997 by 4 practitioners: Niklas Tripolt, Heinz Feldmann, Emil Hierhold and Robert Klemensich. 


Practical relevance:

When the company was started, market research was conducted among the largest German-speaking companies in the most important industries. The issue: “What skills and knowledge are required by top-level sales staff?” The results of this study formed amongst other things the basis of the successful VBC concept.

The C in VBC stands for college. Back when the company was founded, it was clear that sales behaviour cannot be changed in just one or two training days. Even then, the term college indicated that participants attended on several dates. And this has been subject to ongoing development right through to today. Today we talk about professional development for sales staff. The TriStream® training programme necessary for this was developed in cooperation with neuroscientists, universities and technology partners and is the guarantor for effective behavioural change, and thus for proven sales success by our participants.


International sales training:

VBC is now the leading sales training institution in German-speaking Europe and has numerous offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The offices are run by meticulously selected franchisees. These franchisees are the consultants for our customers. The staff development measures are then implemented by our own trained VBC professional trainers.

As part of international projects, VBC provides training and coaching in many languages (depending on requirements) - in projects with multi-national corporations and in various sectors of industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, England, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia and the USA.