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Customer testimonials

  • Frank Jahns

    Head of Sales Germany, STIEBEL ELTRON

    Integrated training enabled us to train our field sales team and Sales Centre managers in parallel, to support the development of their Sales teams with the right coaching and management tools. With VBC training, managers were able to put the expertise gained from their training into practice. The result is evident in the positive implementation of sales measures and the associated achievement of targets.

  • Wolfgang Eberhardt

    Director Commercial B2C, Nespresso

    VBC has been a stable partner for us since 2011. Training content is discussed with the
    Nespresso Trade Academy in preparatory workshops and then tailored by VBC. This ensures that optimal Sales skills are linked with technical expertise so that our promoters can use the techniques and skills they have learned perfectly at the point of sale.

  • Graduate Sigrid Kapferer

    Human Resources Management, SWARCO AG

    As well as the extremely practical communication of key subject content, we are using VBC training measures to achieve valuable benefits such as discussion in our international Sales team and networking between the companies in the SWARCO Group. VBC’s international experience and multilingualism provides us with the ideal support for this. As part of the TriStream® development programme, our staff in German-speaking countries, as well as in Italy, Scandinavia and England, are all supported by multilingual coaching calls from VBC tutors, which ensures that the success they enjoy in training can be used effectively in practice.

  • Jochen Plehn, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), MBA

    Head of Academy Europe, Wacker Neuson Vertrieb Europa GmbH & Co. KG

    The combination of well-developed training content that is precisely in line with our requirements, a comprehensive combination of methods and expert trainers has been the best I have ever experienced! Our participants benefit from a high degree of involvement, role play in small groups and support from tutors in the implementation phase. Even the focus on their individual learning objectives (“Strengthen strengths”) motivates participants and serves as “fertile ground” on which to sow seeds for effective implementation. The coordinated sales focus and coaching program for Sales Managers completes the picture. The feedback we have received from the 200 or more training participants has been first class and VBC offers the optimal solution for rolling out the training programme internationally in a range of languages.

  • Adrien Rochard

    Rochard Escaliers, Partenaire Treppenmeister

    Mon taux de retour était toujours de 50%. Après les séminaires „8 étapes" et „Défense du prix“ je suis beaucoup plus à l’aise avec la présentation de l’offre et le moment où je présente le prix. Je réagis mieux aux objections et j’ai augmenté mon taux de retour à 80% de mes devis.


    My order rate was always around 50%. Following the “8 Steps to Sales Success” and “Negotiate Prices with Confidence” seminars, I now feel much more confident with presenting my offer and pricing. I have improved my response to objections and increased my order rate to 80%.