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Customer testimonials

  • Marisa Williams

    Learning and Development Manager, IKEA Bristol, UK

    We have now had both our Kitchens and our Bedrooms departments experience the TOPFIT in Active Selling training through VBC and the results have been phenomenal.  Not only have we seen positive changes in our financial results but also in the behaviours and confidence of all the participants – managers and co-workers. The key to ensuring the success in the training is the twofold:

    a) the training concept & the key modules. Manager's training to ensure that all ideas, tools and techniques are in place, in order to push the goal through the company and relevant departments. Followed by a co-workers training, to implement all needed behavioural changes to make active selling successful, as well as finally conducting shopfloor coaching with co-workers giving them feedback on sales dialogues.

    b) follow up – without a set routine in place and the commitment from our management team we would not have seen the results that we did.

    Following the successful results achieved in the IKEA Bristol store, all other stores within the UK are now experiencing this training. We are looking forward to having the trainers back in store to hopefully deliver the same results for our Living Room department.