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4x4® video training in VBC sales training sessions

Efficient video training at VBC

The proverbial "fear of the goalkeeper in front of the penalty spot” is comparable to the fear felt by many participants of training with a video camera. However, nothing is as efficient as watching your own performance at home and receiving professional and appreciative feedback based on the joint exercise!

4x4® video training developed by VBC in the context of the classroom part of the training takes the concerns of the participants in front of the camera seriously and provides training for practical scenarios in a maximum of 4 small groups of 4 people. Two VBC trainers provide coaching for the small groups alternately.



  • Time-efficient: 4 times greater exercise intensity than in a large group
  • Practical: Customer discussions in sales often take place only with 1-2 people, own practical cases are practised
  • Stress-free: Small group video
  • Diverse: Constantly changing roles for the participants
  • Learning-intensive: Participants learn important lessons in every role