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Quick implementability

Convert what you have learned into sales success

It's interesting and informative to hear how the "best" sales staff in the world operate. The examples are often unsuitable for personal learning and especially for quick implementability into one’s own work . Every sales person is different. That is why it makes more sense to use one's own sales life as the basis for a learning process.

With TriStream®, participants learn from their own problems and within work situations and procedures familiar to them. This increases the practical benefits and results in immediate implementability and success checks.


Online preparation

VBC has developed its own tool so that everyday sales life can be included in sales training right from the start: it’s called online preparation.

This questionnaire (to be completed online) is used for the individual preparation of individualised and tailor-made training didactics. The answers from the participants to questions about their experience will be integrated 1:1 into the classroom training didactics. In this way, the training participant identifies himself quickly with the training settings, the practical examples are relevant in the training itself and, above all, afterwards in actual sales situations. This relevance also increases the readiness and the awareness to include success factors into the participant's own sales practice. 


The virtual seminar room

The on-site training was enlightening, everyday life in sales is as demanding as ever, how nice it would be to have interaction with the other participants and their trainer. Modern technology makes this easy with the VBC Transfer Jet: The participants meet with the trainer online in a kind of virtual seminar room. Similar to a real seminar room, the trainer can, for example, guide the exchange of practical experiences , display in-depth presentational content, offer supplementary tools or other helpful content and actively involve the participants in the session. The direct interaction of the participant group and the trainer generates dynamism as well as strong commitment and supports timely implementation into one's own sales activities.