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Recognising and promoting sales strengths

Strengthening strengths

Modern learning at VBC is based on:

  • the findings from modern learning research, in particular from adult educational theory
  • and conclusions from current brain research.

In both disciplines "the learning individual", who determines his learning activities in a way that is as self-regulated as possible, is always the focus. Because an individual’s learning process is as unique as the individual himself. Successful learning means therefore, above all, variety, fun, the joy of discovery, the desire to do something oneself as well as to consolidate and develop what is familiar and proven.


Variety of methods

At VBC therefore, we have developed a range of methods that, in addition to individual requirements and support, focus on sustainability and implementation strength in daily practice. This means that each participant not only undergoes classroom training, but is also supported and challenged according to his/her individual learning needs. This is achieved by means of coaching, tutoring as well as tailored online and offline learning methods and media. A unique programme that promotes and requires originality.