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VBC Books & Co

Books, audio books and self-study packages for your sales success

The VBC media offer added value that can be used anywhere for your personal goals: For reading, reading aloud, listening to and repeating and for self-study. The VBC books, audio books and self-study package are written by sales professionals and are constantly being updated.

These media thus offer concentrated sales know-how for use right from the very start. And all this alongside your work and time-saving!

VBC books and audio books are both integral parts with content relevant to the training lessons. All forms of media are available from Amazon.


Currently available in English:

8 Steps to Sales Success, Author: Niklas Tripolt
book 8 steps to sales success

Sales professional Niklas Tripolt leads you through a logically structured process from the 1st step of “Attitude to and Self-Understanding of your Career” to the 8th step of “After-Sales Service".