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EH 180x3

Successful training for the retail trade

It's about training your employees in retail within 12 months in their sales area in terms of their selling behaviour. The training is provided by:

  • three 180-minute tailored training units
  • immediate digital learning checks afterwards
  • digital ”flash card methodology” in the period between the training units
  • concluding knowledge survey (online transfer check)

The entire learning process is supported with supplied tablets including SIM cards as mobile internet access for each participant. Depending on your specific sales process, you select those topics, content and priorities which are crucial for your sales staff’s successful sales conversations.


Subsequently, your sales staff will:

  • Quickly establish a positive customer dialogue
  • Substantially increase customer satisfaction
  • Generate additional sales, recognise and utilise sales opportunities
  • Handle “special” customers professionally
  • Deal with complaints confidently
  • Substantially increase customer loyalty
  • Increase your sales closure quota

What you achieve from it:

  • Motivated, professional sales staff and even more satisfied customers
  • More sales and profit.