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Retail sales

Close to the customer

Today’s challenges in retail are obvious: Whether luxury goods or discount items, thanks to digital media customers are always up to date in terms of supply, availability and price.

In order that prospective customers not only avail themselves of your consulting services, but rather purchase them through a consultation with you, much more intuition is required today than before the age of virtual shopping. Raise awareness in your employees and turn reactive consultants into proactive salespeople to keep the cash register ringing and keep you investing in your business.

VBC’s training modules for retail are tailored individually to the requirements of your company and your industry. Your employees work in a practically-oriented manner, using their own examples in terms of work situation and environment. In this way, they can implement new insights and perspectives on the very next working day.


The new, ground-breaking VBC training system for retail:

EH 180x3

VBC’s training module for retail at a glance:

Topfit in Sales
Here’s how to become a sales professional in retail

Self-motivation and resilience in sales
Here’s how to motivate yourself in daily life

Negotiating Prices confidently
Here’s how to create added value in sales

The glorious 7 closure techniques
Here’s how to recognise the signals and utilise your opportunities

Complaints as opportunities
Here’s how to change complaining customers into enthusiastic ones

Sell luxury goods professionally
Here’s how to become a sales specialist in the premium segment

Body language in selling
Here’s how to utilise your body’s signals


Our coaching programs:

Shop coaching/team coaching
Here’s how to obtain professional support in practice

Programme 12 in retail
Here’s how to become a top retail seller in just a year