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Selling in the field and key account management

Tools for sales success in the field and key account management

With the exception of virtual channels, today there is not a single industry that can exist without good sales representatives and key account managers. Every employee whose work is related to your customers should possess competencies in the field of professional consulting and closure techniques.

Our training modules in field selling and key account management cover the enormous topics from professional new customer acquisition, self- and time management, customer focus, application possibilities for new media through to successful recommendation business. The spectrum includes training for beginners in sales as well as expert training for already experienced sales professionals. In line with the diverse requirements of different industries, needs-based training designs are supported exclusively by professional industry experts. 


VBC training modules in field selling & key account management are suitable for the following target groups:

  • Field service staff
  • Key account managers
  • Technical sales staff
  • Sales engineers
  • Pharmaceutical representatives

The VBC training modules for field selling staff and key account salespeople at a glance:

8 Steps to Sales Success
Here’s how to expert in field selling and key account management

Professional new customer acquisition
Here’s how to find your way to new buyers

Self-motivation and resilience in the field
Here’s how to motivate yourself in daily life

Self- and Time Management
Here’s how to achieve higher productivity and a better quality of life

Negotiating Prices confidently as a field sales representative
Here’s how to create added value in sales

The glorious 7 closure techniques in field sales and key account management
Here’s how to recognise the signals and utilise your opportunities

Sell luxury goods professionally as a field sales representative
Here’s how to become a sales specialist in the premium segment

Successfully generate recommendation business
Here’s how to get the best recommendations

Sell complex product solutions professionally
Here's how to develop successful project sales

Successful trade fairs
Here’s how to make sales events pay off for you

The last secrets in sales
Here’s how to become a star salesperson

Body language in field sales
Here’s how to use your body’s signals

Sell complex services professionally
Here’s how to develop strategic sales processes

Modern media in sales pitches
Here’s how to use tablets and the like effectively

Key Account Management
Here’s how to communicate successfully with your most important customers

Successful negotiations in sales
Here’s how to achieve win-win results

Use social media effectively with new B2B customers
Here’s how to use XING effectively for customer acquisition


Our coaching programs:

Field sales coaching
Here’s how to benefit from professionals when visiting customers

Programme 12 for field sales
Here’s how to become a top field sales seller in just a year