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Online transfer check (OTC)

Here’s how to test your training knowledge online

Suitable for all VBC training modules, tailored to the respective topic.


One-time online test (20 - 30 mins.)


Test method:

The VBC online transfer check (OTC) is used for individual knowledge checks and practice motivation at the end of TriStreamer training programmes. The online test is tailored to the seminar topics and enables you to check your personal learning success. Procedure: A few weeks after the VBC seminar, participants will receive an email containing an invitation to the OTC knowledge test and the corresponding test login. The participant now answers online questions about the learning content of the training session and receives immediate feedback.


The advantage to you:

  • Repetition of the success factors from the training session for practical success and effectiveness
  • Performance feedback for the training group, an average report for the client
  • Documentation of participation as certificate of achievement

Your benefits:

  • Repeated engagement with the learned content
  • Additional training transfer
  • Additional training success checks

Additional benefits and specifics:

  • Time-efficient, web-based input
  • Ease of use
  • Special test questions for each seminar topic
  • Different types of question