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Bernadette Winkler-Röll

VBC trainer


Professional background:

  • VBC trainer since 2005
  • More than 15 years’ experience in Sales (telephone sales, retail, field sales, management roles) in the tourism, adult education and interior design sectors
  • 5 years’ experience in Marketing (tourism, specialising in trade shows)
  • A total of 18 years’ practical experience managing international groups and teams (including working as a tour guide for educational, experience and incentive travel)
  • Network coordination and project management working with children and young people in the city of Salzburg


  • Bachelor of Arts, German Studies
  • Training in sales, communication and presentation techniques (including University of Salzburg)
  • VBC trainer training
  • Geography studies
  • General Secondary School

Personal details:

Born in Austria in 1971, grew up and studied in Salzburg. Having spent time in Northern Europe and South Africa, Bernadette finally found her second home in Germany. She lives in North Bavaria with her husband Johannes and her children, Jonathan (2010) and Alexander (2012).


Life’s motto:

When you’ve climbed the mountain, you get a clear view of the horizon. (Ancient proverb)

Tell me something and I will forget it. Show me something and I may remember it. Let me do something and I will understand it. (Chinese proverb)