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Katja Elsing

VBC tutor

Professional background:

  • Public Speaker & Moderator
  • VBC-Tutor
  • Certified Coach


  • Diploma in Systemic Consultancy and Coaching, the green field

  • Specialised subjects in crisis intervention, the green field

  • Moderation training, Belinda Veber

  • 50 hours of training to become a professional speaker, and advanced courses in public speaking training, Freiraum Kommunikation Daniela Zeller

  • Various sales training courses and technical seminars in the field of banking

  • Certified Business Economist, Academy of Administration and Economics Oberhausen, Mülheim an der Ruhr e.V.

  • Qualified Banker

Personal details:

Katja loves social history. She loves variety in people, animals and nature. She is particularly involved in riding.


Life’s motto:

“Fear comes from the mind; so does courage.” (Anonymous)