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Rudolf Hausegger

VBC trainer

Professional background:

  • Passionate seller personality since 1987 with over 15,000 active sales pitches in the international field between Melbourne, Vienna and St. Petersburg
  • Winner of the Human Relations Award 2016 in the category Human Relations Development for his smartbuddies Sales Development Program
  • Certified Management Consultant since 2006 with a focus on Sales Management, Sales Pipeline Management, Corporate Culture and Leadership
  • Trainer & Coach for (field) sales representatives and sales-oriented executives since 2006
  • Managing Sales Director at Arcotel (Vienna), responsible for annual total sales of EUR 80 million in Germany and Austria
  • Sales and Marketing Director at Vienna International (Prague), responsible for market development in Central- and Eastern Europe.
  • Authorized Signatory and Operations Manager at COFACE / KSV1870 (Vienna), responsible for sales development in Central- & Eastern Europe
  • Sales Executive at the Federal Group (Melbourne), responsible for acquiring new clients and developing key accounts


  • MBA – Master of Business Administration in General Management (Austria)
  • MPA – Master of Public Administration / Public Management (Austria)
  • Train The Trainer, Train The Coach (Austria)
  • Diplomas in Marketing & Public Relations (USA, Australia)
  • Commercial College (Österreich)
  • Sales-, leadership-, communication- and presentation seminars

Personal details:

Proud father, happy husband, born in 1969 at the Austrian mountain region, since then experienced a lot, laughed a lot and shared a lot.


Life’s motto:

Straight, clear & honest.