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Sales competency check (SCC)

Test your success-related sales competencies yourself


The sales competency check (SCC) developed with Vienna University of Economics and Business identifies competences which go far beyond just sales knowledge. These “soft” values provide a comprehensive picture of the personal qualities also affecting sales revenue. The test is ideal for sales recruitment, location analysis and training preparation, as training can be tailored to meet the needs of the business and the needs of the salesperson.

The following areas are tested: sales ethics, customer orientation, industry interest, self-organisation, emotional stability, flexibility, team orientation, leadership skills.

The SCC was awarded the research prize from the renowned Berufsakademie Mannheim.

Results sales competency check

Target group:

The SCC is suitable for retail sales staff, call centre agents or sales representatives in the office, sales representatives in the field and key account managers, pharmaceutical representatives, executives and junior sales executives.



One-time online test (20 - 30 mins.)


The advantage to you:

  • Written evaluation with explanation of results
  • Graphical display of results
  • Results tested for validity and reliability

Your benefits:

  • Ease of use

  • Quick feedback on sales competencies

  • Applicable: Training preparation, location determination, recruitment support in the selection of staff

Additional benefits and specifics:

  • Time-efficient, web-based input
  • Simple answering with Likert scale
  • Tailored specifically for people in the sales
  • Cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Expert participation from: Business psychology, empirical social research, test theory and sales
  • System requirements: Internet access