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Secrets of the telephone professionals

Here’s how to strengthen your relationship with your customer on the phone


Here you will discover:

  • Which attitude to customers and telephone communication is the right one
  • How to use the basics of communication successfully
  • How to make peculiarities of the telephone communication your "amplifier"
  • How to use the VBC guidelines on the phone
  • How to make "type-appropriate" calls
  • Which strategies are helpful for making difficult phone calls
  • What positive telephone rhetoric can do
  • How you can improve the quality of your voice

Afterwards you will be able to:

  • Act more confidently and competently on the phone
  • Listen actively and understand the needs and motives of your customers
  • Respond better to different types of customers
  • Direct the conversation by means of professional questions
  • Create "mental pictures" with your customers
  • Handle “difficult” customers well
  • Control your own emotions better
  • Make your satisfied customers even more loyal

Additional benefits and specifics:

  • Up to 16 participants
  • 4x4 video training®
  • Personal training video on SD card
  • Achievement journal
  • Tutorial support (project-dependent)
  • Transfer phase (project-dependent)

Classroom part: 2 days