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It has never been appropriate to use the watering can principle for sales seminars because every industry has its own specific requirements. And of course, just as you have to act on the market in line with your target group, this is also our principle. We recommend that you focus on the following training priorities, arranged by sector, so that you can guide your employees to success quickly and permanently:

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  • Food industry

    Food wholesalers face challenges such as product comparability, sales via promotions and high employee turnover. Successful wholesale companies in the food sector therefore need highly motivated and well-trained sales staff.

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  • Retail

    The increasing competition from online business requires new approaches and new solutions. Customers are behaving in a "hybrid" way and the pursuit of individuality as well as the search for social contacts and sociability will increase.

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  • Construction and ancillary building trade

    Today, increasing competition and rising raw material costs are affecting the profitability of companies in the construction and building materials industries and demand enormous resources from them. These can only be absorbed through more intensive sales activities. In addition, commercial customer groups such as site managers, planners, general contractors, architects and civil engineers are becoming more and more supportive.

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  • Industry

    Technical products, industrial goods or capital goods: the success formulas for successful sales in industry have changed dramatically. Products are becoming more comparable in terms of their specifications and quality. Internationalisation has resulted in more competition. Price pressure is increasing. The position of purchasing has strengthened.

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  • Pharmaceutics

    The sales situation for a doctor's and chemist’s sales force is a very particular one. This applies both in the consultation with the doctor for prescription medicines and OTC preparations, as well as for the sale of OTC products and other products in the pharmacy.   

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  • Medical technology

    The golden age in medical technology is over. Only the veterans know that: Orders worth millions, "sneaking in" by fax, for offers that were made 2 years before and doctors who needed this device and often did not work in that department anymore. And the farewell gifts (bulk orders) of primary doctors to the industry (before they retire) have become real exceptions. Fortunately, after all, since the hospital system is usually about public money and thus national wealth.

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  • Motor vehicle

    Only designer fashion and eroticism are more emotional: For 93% of all customers, decisions regarding car purchases are based on emotions. Salesmen are responsible for this emotionality during the sales pitch. Selling cars is the supreme discipline in sales. There is hardly any other industry where sales people have more leverage.

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  • Banks and financial service providers

    With the financial industry having undergone major market changes in recent years, the financial world is no longer what it used to be. Although most of the "black sheep" had to leave, they left behind customers whose behaviour is often characterised by investment losses and the resulting existential fears and mistrust. The positive thing about this is that customers today are more sensitive to the entire financial industry than ever before and now the era of customer focus has arrived. And with it the era of dedicated and ethical sales staff.

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  • Service providers

    The successful sale of services is one of the classic elements of sales performance. Often, the "product" cannot be touched, only indirectly demonstrated, and is difficult to see, hear, or feel. Trust between the customer and the provider that the offered service will bring exactly the desired result and contribute to the solution of the specific customer problem is needed even more.

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  • Universities

    It does not matter whether you are specialising in business, technology or some other subject: Professional selling is an important core competence in professional life and should not be missing as a supplement to specialist education in the university sector.

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  • Insurance

    People would rather spend the money on other things, but a good insurance cover provides reassurance. Moreover, having no or insufficient insurance coverage is a threat to one's existence. Insurance sales staff therefore have an extremely responsible career.

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  • Telecommunications

    Hardly any other industry is subject to such a strong change and price pressure as telecommunications and hardly any other industry has such comparable products and services. So how can I really stand out as a provider and distinguish myself from other providers?

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