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People would rather spend the money on other things, but a good insurance cover provides reassurance. Moreover, having no or insufficient insurance coverage is a threat to one's existence. Insurance sales staff therefore have an extremely responsible career.

Good advice for individually tailor-made insurance solutions is what we focus on, and not the cheapest price. How does it help me as a customer if I pay the cheapest premium, but when needed I find that my insurance is insufficient! Good advice is not provided for free. Therefore, professional insurance salespeople need to have a good awareness of price so they do not have to fall into the trap and struggle with internet insurance comparisons and discounts. It also does not help the customer if he was well advised, but does not buy the insurance cover. In addition to excellent consulting expertise, insurance sales staff therefore also need a high level of sales expertise.

Our sales training for insurance combines excellent advice with price awareness and excellent sales competence, for even more successful insurance salesmen and above all enthusiastic and completely insured customers!