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Medical technology

The golden age in medical technology is over. Only the veterans know that: Orders worth millions, "sneaking in" by fax, for offers that were made 2 years before and doctors who needed this device and often did not work in that department anymore. And the farewell gifts (bulk orders) of primary doctors to the industry (before they retire) have become real exceptions. Fortunately, after all, since the hospital system is usually about public money and thus national wealth.

Especially in times like these, salesmanship counts. In what other sector do we already deal with such a complex body on the customer’s side? Top medical technology salespeople have to convince nurses, doctors and administrators. And when it comes to technical devices, the building services as well. What VBC can do for you is clear: We support you and your advisers in these complex processes until you can take the reins. To do this, you are trained by industry experts with a lot of sales and trainer know-how.