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Self- and Time Management

Here’s how to achieve higher productivity and a better quality of life

Here you will discover:

  • How to achieve “something great” with professional goal definition
  • Where the stress lurks in your life
  • How to escape the "frustration trap"
  • Why "eustress" is good
  • Why "distress" is so dangerous and how you can avoid it
  • How to use your scheduling tool optimally
  • What you can expect from book planners and electronic planning aids
  • How to survive in the "information jungle"
  • How to optimally organise your workplace through self-management and time management
  • How and to whom you should delegate work

Afterwards you will be able to:

  • Use your scheduling tool optimally
  • Stay calm with your personal anti-anger strategy
  • Recognise and define your priorities easier
  • Implement your daily “eustress programme”
  • Differentiate the important from the urgent
  • Switch off better at night
  • Enjoy your free time and recharge your batteries
  • Orientate yourself more easily in the daily flood of information
  • Structure better your personal work processes
  • Delegate tasks to the right people

Additional benefits and specifics:

  • Up to 16 participants
  • Achievement journal
  • Tutorial support (project-dependent)
  • Transfer phase (project-dependent)

Classroom part: 1 day