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Sell luxury goods professionally

Here’s how to become a sales specialist in the premium segment

Here you will discover:

  • How the “wealthy” shop and why they make decisions differently
  • Which behaviour patterns you can observe
  • How to recognise premium customers and how to find them
  • Why any recommendation can be "worth its weight in gold"
  • How to make your quality of service distinctive 
  • How to perfectly communicate your unique selling point (USP)
  • How important your positioning as a "right business partner" is
  • Which communication channels are the most successful
  • Which communication channels your customers prefer
  • How to develop your price-value system
  • How to avoid price negotiations and still make the sale

Afterwards you will be able to:

  • Handle premium customers competently and thus celebrate even more sales successes
  • Recognise your customers’ communication channels
  • Understand better customers that buy luxury goods
  • Convey your USP to wealthy customers
  • Acquire new luxury customers through recommendations
  • Turn luxury segment customers into regular customers
  • Become unmistakable and indispensable

Additional benefits and specifics:

  • Up to 16 participants
  • 4x4 video training®
  • Personal training video on SD card
  • Personal scripts and practice check lists and/or an achievement journal
  • Tutorial support (project-dependent)
  • Transfer phase (project-dependent)

Classroom part: 2 days