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Telephone coaching at the workplace

Here’s how to implement your knowledge easier


Following completion of the VBC telephone training module, the implementation of the seminar content in your call centre or at your workplace and in practice will be supported by transfer measures. The participants will be accompanied by a combination of "training on the job" developed by VBC and individual coaching sessions. The trainer participates as a "silent listener" onsite in the customer discussions and then gives feedback. In addition, he agrees with the employee measures for implementation and further development. By individual agreement, up to 5 employees per day can be coached.


Benefits for employees:

  • Confidence in the implementation of what you have learned

  • Optimum support in practice

  • Individual assistance through telephone coaching at the workplace

  • Absolute practicality

  • Individual promotion

  • Tips and guidelines adapted to the person and their work

  • Discretion and transparency of information dissemination

Benefits for the company:

  • Efficient and effective practice transfer of seminar content
  • Increased attention with employees
  • Strong motivation factor for teams
  • VBC professional support in the company
  • Can be tailored to different management tools

Duration: By agreement