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VBC diagnostics workshop

Here’s how to find the biggest sales talents and promote them successfully


The VBC diagnostics workshop is a special assessment centre designed for sales. It is a very effective and helpful tool for personnel selection issues (such as recruiting and external or internal filling of sales and leadership positions) and human resources development (such as "potential analysis" and needs assessment before development actions).

The diagnostic workshop combines the expertise and personal skills of your company with VBC's sales expertise and is suitable for all positions in sales and customer care as well as management roles in these areas.


How does a VBC diagnostics workshop work?

  • Briefing discussions and requirements analysis in your company

  • Individual adaptation of the diagnostic workshop (assessment centre) to your requirements

  • Observer training (1/2 day) for observers from your company

  • Diagnostics workshop: Duration depends on the number of participants (up to 8 participants per day)

  • Feedback talks with the participants (four-eyes conversations)

  • Feedback conversation with you as the client and delivery of the final report

Your benefits:

  • Intensive diagnosis of current sales and / or management skills

  • Each participant is observed in several role exercises and short presentations

  • Expert knowledge test (tailored to your company)

  • Sales know-how test

  • Detailed final report for each participant

  • Personal four-eyes feedback with each participant

  • High degree of time efficiency through 4x4 video training®

  • Cost and resource conservation for your company due to the concept and execution by VBC