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Programme 12 for executives

Here’s how you become a successful leader in just one year

Target group: Executives and junior executives

Requirement: Seminar “Successful management of sales staff“


Programme content:

Executives who want to make a career in management require know-how in self-management and management behaviour. This can often only be taught in practice. Within a jointly defined annual programme, management and management topics are treated for example, self-management, time management and organisation, target work for employees, professional feedback, prioritising, coaching techniques, conducting employee appraisal, delegating, employee motivation, meeting efficiency, conflict management, corporate climate.



4 personal coaching sessions each lasting about 3 hours (start and finish meeting before month 1, interim session after month 6, final session after month 12). At the end of each month, scheduled telephone coaching sessions (30 - 60 minutes). 365 days of “passive” support via telephone & email.


Afterwards you will be able to:

  • Turn your sales and leadership knowledge into revenue
  • Effectively promote your sales team
  • Leave behind old patterns of behaviour 
  • Use new leadership techniques and tools
  • Check and optimise your management behaviour yourself
  • Manage relationships with your employees
  • Master critical leadership situations more confidently

Additional benefits and specifics:

  • Individually created programme 
  • Personal scripts and handouts

Duration: 12 months