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VBC company packages

Here’s how to benefit from individual sales training solutions for companies with their own coaching teams


The content of this "all-inclusive" product is tailored to your business and your products or services. The following services are included in a company package: Development and production of all teaching and learning media (training logbooks, presentations, scripts, handouts, tests, videos, audios, e-learning etc.), selection of (internal company, if requested) trainers, training (further training) of trainers, implementation of the package in your company, quality assurance and continuous development.


Your benefits:

  • Tailor-made TriStream® sales academy developed for your own content, needs and employees

  • Sales training from the market leader for your employees at the highest level

  • High employee motivation and loyalty

  • Cost savings through optimal use of your resources

  • Flexibility by VBC trainers in the event of bottlenecks

  • More sales success and competitive advantages through highly trained employees

Duration: no time limitation