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The 3-way customised VBC sales training programme

A variety of learning methods is not a quality criterion per se. A variety of methods only becomes extremely meaningful if it can actually support the participants' individual learning processes. This is why VBC has developed the TriStream® learning programme. TriStream® offers 3-way individualisation:

  1. Tailored to the requirements of the sector of industry.
  2. Tailored to the company and the sales person’s target group in the company.
  3. Tailored to the needs of each individual learner.

In addition, TriStream® offers long-term and continual support, therefore a continuous “stream” of learning and implementation incentives in line with the sustainability of learning results. TriStream® was developed on the basis of our many years of experience in sales training and current scientific findings in learning research. It takes the learner by the hand and leads him or her through an integrated learning process with an up-to-date curriculum in terms of content. At the same time, TriStream® leaves as much room as possible for self-regulated learning. The density or frequency of the learning interactions is coordinated in advance with the client.

University evaluation of TriStream®

In a scientific evaluation of TriStream® by Danube University Krems (Austria), the Department of Interactive Media and Educational Technologies described the following features of the VBC learning programme as some of its great strengths:

  • The clear distinction in terms of learning content and methods, so that within the standardisation necessary with respect to quality management it is possible to react flexibly and individually to different learning requirements.
  • The high level of activity and competence orientation, i.e. active participation of the participants in all learning phases with the inclusion of their skills and practical situations.
  • The options for self-regulated learning in both the classroom and transfer phases.
  • The mix of methods and forms of media, which in turn supports individual learning preferences.