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Service providers

The successful sale of services is one of the classic elements of sales performance. Often, the "product" cannot be touched, only indirectly demonstrated, and is difficult to see, hear, or feel. Trust between the customer and the provider that the offered service will bring exactly the desired result and contribute to the solution of the specific customer problem is needed even more. The ability to correctly query complex relationships, to demonstrate simple and benefit-oriented solutions and to manage and drive the often multi-level decision-making process is crucial for success. 

With a VBC training programme tailored to your needs, you are refining precisely these skills. You will learn to understand the customers’ needs and processes exactly, in order to convey your offer with pinpoint accuracy. With different decision makers in a long cycle of project sales, you can achieve valid progress at every stage. You will learn to be self-confident in your pricing because you are able to anchor the value of your performance firmly in the minds of your customers. This increases your consulting competence as a valuable dialogue partner on equal terms and at the same time your closure rate.